VS4 Digital Jungle Marpat


VS4 Digital Jungle Marpat

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Product Description

VS4 Digital Jungle Marpat

The VS4 Digital Jungle Marpat will carry up to two mods in the main pouch, and two juices or batteries in the front. The elastic bands on the sides connect a pocket with matching skin from the larger pouch. The small pocket can hold up to two juices and a battery.  The VS4 Digital Jungle Marpat is made from Durable Cordura® material that is military grade and used in the “go-packs” of military members. The VS4 Digital Jungle Marpat comes in a modern digi camo pattern with the classic marpat military colors.


  • Front Pouch comes with Flexible Elastic Sides
  • Main Pouch can Carry Up to Two Slim Mods
  • Small Pocket can Hold Up to Two Juices and a Battery
  • Made with Durable Cordura
  • Same Military Grade Material used for “Go-Packs”


Additional Information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 3/4 in. x 5 1/3 in. in

Cordura© Nyco Fabric & Elastic


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